Welcome to Northern Mississippi Vascular Care

Here at Northern Mississippi Vascular Care, our ability to provide you with industry-leading diagnostic methods and state-of-the-art treatment options is only the beginning.

Not only are we committed to providing you with the highest possible care available, but we’re also passionate about care that is both compassionate and collaborative. In short, we’re dedicated to working as one comprehensive team with you and the rest of your healthcare providers in order to tailor the best treatment process for your unique needs.

Our Services

Our team provides all diagnostic and treatment services in our state-of-the-art outpatient facility. Thus, we are equipped to safely and comfortably treat the following:

PAD Facts

The older and less active one is, the more at-risk they become for developing peripheral arterial disease (PAD), wherein their arteries effectively become clogged with plaque. Our team, however, is driven to help guide patients down the path to wellness and recovery, thereby combatting PAD and saving their limbs.

Venous Disease Facts

While all forms of venous disease are medical in nature, the effect they have on the body may differ. Namely, some gain mere cosmetic blemishes while others combat long-standing symptoms, and others still find themselves with some combination thereof. Thus, our team offers a bevy of treatment options depending on your specific condition and needs.